RV7 For Sale

It’s time to sell my 2018 RV7 and live at a slower pace.

RV7 N50KB Features beyond basic Vans RV7 kit.

Firewall Forward

  • Carbon fiber spinner
  • Catto Three Blade Prop 66” dia. X 74” pitch
  • Hidden magnetic oil door latch
  • Lycoming IO-360 M-1-B, 180 hp (~370 hours)
  • Compressions (July 2023) (1) 72/80, (2) 76/80, (3) 77/80, (4) 76/80
  • Dual PMags
  • Red Cube fuel flow totalizer
  • EarthX 12.4 amp/hr battery
  • VPX Pro electronic breakers
  • Plane Power 60 amp primary alternator
  • B&C 40 amp backup alternator
  • B&C 90 deg. oil filter adapter
  • Fiberglas engine plenum (no high temperature problems – oil or cylinders)


  • Beringer Wheels, Brakes, and Anti-skid control
  • Flyboys light weight tailwheel
  • Doug Bell tailwheel fork
  • Flyboys tailwheel steering link
  • AeroLED Aerosun leading edge Wig-Wag recognition, taxi and landing lights
  • AeroLED AerosunVX wingtip Wig-Wag recognition, taxi and landing lights
  • AeroLED Pulsar wingtip and Suntail tail strobe/navigation lights
  • JDAir “hidden” canopy latch
  • Garmin GAP26 heated pitot/AOA
  • Conant low drag antennae
  • Sherwin-Williams Acryl-Glow paint
  • Light weight canopy rain cover


  • Two Garmin G3X 10” Touch Screens
  • Garmin GTN625 TSO’d GPS Navigator
  • Electric pitch and roll trim
  • Garmin 305 Autopilot (pitch and roll)
  • Garmin GTR-200B dual channel Bluetooth radio
  • Garmin dual frequency ADSB in and out
  • Garmin GTX23-ES remote transponder
  • Two Garmin GSU25 ADAHRS
  • Garmin GE24 Engine Analyser
  • Garmin GDL 39R ADSB Receiver
  • Garmin GDL 82 ADSB Transmitter
  • Custom Annunciator Panel with low oil pressure, strobe off, flaps down, canopy lock, fuel boost pump and seat heater status lights
  • 12 volt socket on panel
  • TWC 6 amp/hr instrument backup battery


  • Tinted Canopy – 59% transmission
  • Koger adjustable sunshade
  • Leather Seats
  • Heated Seats – Two level individual controls
  • Hooker harnesses
  • Dual controls (brakes & sticks)
  • Control Stick Switches:
    a. Autopilot
    b. Frequency flip/flop
    c. TOGA
    d. Radio Mike
    e. Pitch & Roll Trim
  • Andair fuel selector switch
  • 425 Liter Oxygen Supply with between seat canula outlets
  • Between seat handheld radio storage compartment
  • Two instrument cooling and canopy defogging fans
  • Footwell and baggage area LED lighting
  • ACK Model E-04 ELT


  • Full construction and maintenance logs
  • 75 page Operating Handbook
  • 24”x36” Steinair instrument wiring diagram
  • Full set of 24×36” Vans construction drawings


  • 1800 fpm climb at full gross weight
  • 206.7 mph average groundspeed at 8,000 ft and 200 lbs below gross wt

Misc. tools, parts and fittings if desired


Note the pilot and PAX sunglass holders
Noise cancelling headsets plug in by pilot and PAX knees.
Leather armrests are nice. Yaesu/Vertec handheld transceiver is between seats; the box cover swings forward.
Oxygen bottle holds 425 liters. Adjustable regulator releases 1/4 liter per hour or more as set. Green paint protector on baggage floor is used when removing or reinstalling engine cowl.
This can be yours.

Reduced Asking Price $224,000 250,000

Karl Bambas



8 responses to “RV7 For Sale”

  1. Is this price correct???
    Seems like it’s a way above market or reasonable value to not have a C/S prop full nav capabilities.

  2. Agree with everyone above. If this plane fetches $180K it will be a solid sell for the buyer. People are just getting greedy because they think someone is stupid enough to pay the price. Recession is coming and people are moving luxury items fast!

  3. Karl is this still available? Please let me know.

    My budget will be a little less than your asking, but possibly we could make a deal.

  4. I’ve been looking for an RV-7 for a while and your plane is very nice. The highest I’ve seen an RV-7 advertised recently is in the ~$180k range with similar avionics, professional paint and interior, and C/S prop. If you are negotiable on price, I’d like to talk to you.

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