Face Masks

Rowan University engineering and medical students have developed a prototype for a durable, lightweight, reusable face mask to augment the supply of face masks during the current shortage…”

“The prototype provides two components: a contoured mask and filter housing. No special tools are needed for assembly. The replaceable nonwoven filter materials recommended for the filter housing are widely available. Users will supply and install the elastic or cord.

The mask can be printed in three sizes, all with the same size filter housing. The contoured mask may be more closely molded to the user’s face by submerging the edges in hot water and pressing it to reform the shape against the face.”

A link to the Rowan website.

The website has detailed instructions for printing and using the masks.

I have printed several of the masks in both polylactic acid (PLA) and acrylonitriel/butadiene/styrene (ABS) plastic.  Dolly and I have each tried the masks.  Of the three sizes, we prefer the small . When printed in PLA the mask can be softened in hot 140 deg. F water and then molded to the face for a perfect fit.


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  1. Hi Maria,
    Sorry I was so late in responding.
    The solid part of the mask was 3D printed from ABS plastic. For the filter I first cut a square of 1/2 inch (12mm) thick open cell foam. Then, the foam was covered with a sterile bandage pad and the two were pushed into the mask body. Excess bandage pad that stuck out the front of the mask was cut off.

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