3D Printed Parts

Our 3D printer is a Wanhao Duplicator 6 purchased at a 3D printer store north of Tampa.  After the magnetic oil door latch, we turned our attention to other 3D printable parts.   As Experimental Aviation Association members we have access to no-charge copies of SolidWorks Design Software.

The upper ignition wires for our Lycoming engine pass through aluminum sheet metal baffles and must be protected from chafing.  Aviation supply stores sell nylon plastic wire protectors for $21.95 each, and one set is needed for each side of the engine.  Having time to spare before returning to Michigan I designed and printed these.

Installed Wire Guide

The two halves are identical and interlock around the ignition wires.  They install on a one inch diameter hole in the rear baffle plate.

The wire guides are made with ABS plastic that has a glass transition temperature (softening point) higher than nylon.

Lycoming IO360 Ignition Wires

It’s a few cents of plastic.  Don’t ask me how much the printer cost.


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