Our green thumb?

In our front yard there is a bed of vica surrounded by an extruded concrete retainer. It has been four years since Dolly and I planted 86 purchased cuttings. This fall the bed finally looks mature, with all bare spots covered. The top of the bed is level and the sides nicely trimmed.

Front Yard Planting

On the side of the villa there is a bare bed that has never been planted. Its covered with pin-oak leaves and mulch.

Empty bed on side of villa

In late November we potted a tray of 72 cuttings from the front bed.  Stem ends were dipped in root hormone before planting.  After four weeks they showed new growth.  So, we potted another tray.  Before heading north for the summer we’ll plant these in the side yard bed.[KGVID]http://bambas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/50471497471__86025DAA-43A7-4A55-8647-468DA7EA3800.mov[/KGVID]

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