Autopilot Pitch Servo

June 20, 2016

The Garmin autopilot pitch servo is furnished with a mounting plate and specific instructions for installation in a Vans RV-7.  The plate becomes riveted to the center floor rib behind the baggage bulkhead.  The servo moves the elevator push-rod via its connection to the bellcrank.

Care is given to adjusting the length of the servo to pitch bellcrank connecting rod so that no over-center lockup can occur.


Wires from the db15 socket connect the servo to both the instrument panel autopilot controller and to the pitch trim servo located in the left elevator.  Torque sensors in the pictured servo generate signals fed to the pitch trim servo.



One response to “Autopilot Pitch Servo”

  1. Where did you run your pitch servo wire? I’m routing wires and not sure where to send it .

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