Growing Older is Good

Last October, the Flint Michigan Flight Standards District Office of the FAA honored me and three other matured pilots with an award known as the Master Pilot Award.  It’s really an award for being OCD about flying and safely maintaining that interest for fifty years.


The cake was really tasty.

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A day at TBSS

Some people get airsick.  I become ground sick.  The thought of being all winter with no flying makes me ill.  So, today I visited with old friends at the Tampa Bay Soaring Society.  I may reinstate my membership.

It was a beautiful launch that returned safely.

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Thought for the day

I’ll reprise something I sent my HBS class secretary a year ago this month. “A Trump administration will not be without anxious times for the public.  Remember the Air traffic Controller’s Strike, the walkout from the Reykjavik Summit and “Tear down this wall” by Reagan?  Those were anxious times during the administration of arguably the greatest presidency of the 20th century.” So Much for politics.”

I am elated that I finally mastered the skill of being able to take photos and videos from my Phone or iPad and publish them immediately via WordPress on followed by posting on Facebook.  Traffic is building ‘hughly’.  It is amazing that this little device that we carry around in a pocket gives individuals the power previously available only to major media.  From here on its a question of audience size.  Of course the Kardashians learned that long ago.

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Our green thumb?

In our front yard there is a bed of vica surrounded by an extruded concrete retainer. It has been four years since Dolly and I planted 86 purchased cuttings. This fall the bed finally looks mature, with all bare spots covered. The top of the bed is level and the sides nicely trimmed.

Front Yard Planting

On the side of the villa there is a bare bed that has never been planted. Its covered with pin-oak leaves and mulch.

Empty bed on side of villa

In late November we potted a tray of 72 cuttings from the front bed.  Stem ends were dipped in root hormone before planting.  After four weeks they showed new growth.  So, we potted another tray.  Before heading north for the summer we’ll plant these in the side yard bed.

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