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This genealogy information is contributed by family members and other interested parties. If you know of any additions or corrections, please leave a comment below or under ‘Suggestions’ on the Family Tree pages.

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One response to “Geneology”

  1. Hi Karl,
    I hope this message finds you happy and well. This is Susi’s daughter Roxanne. I found you on facebook, as suggested by Mom, however, it does not appear that you are obsessed with social media, as is most of the digitized world. Neither am I. Well, I’ve been doing some ancestral research. I’ve discovered a good deal of information, possibly some incorrect, and I am seeking to collaborate with you as I have heard you have discovered quite a bit through the years. The link here, on your site, I either don’t have access to or is broken. If you would be so kind, when you have the time, I’d most appreciate an email or a call 732-887-7351 to make sure I am headed in the correct direction. Thank you so much!

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