Experimental Aircraft Engine Ignition Wire Guards


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Ignition Wire Guards are for passing spark plug cables through the air baffles to the top spark plugs on Lycoming, Continental and other experimental aircraft engines.  The two identical halves of the Wire Guard snap together around the ignition wires.

5 or 8 mm wire hole sizes, 2 or 3 wire holes per unit

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Wire Guards are available in six colors.  (Not all engine baffles are grey!!)

The Wire Guards are much easier to install than rubber grommets.  The raised circle on the face of the double hole guard fits into a 1″ hole in the baffle.  Wire Guard mounting holes are for 6/32 bolts.

Parts are printed from ABS filament that has a glass transition and melting temperatures higher than Nylon or Delrin.  Our Vans RV7 (N50KB) has 200+ hours on its  Wire Guards and has experienced no thermal distortion or other problems.  It is recommended the Guards be mounted on the cooler (firewall side) of the engine baffles.

Wire Guards are available for either 5 or 8 mm diameter ignition wires.  The automotive spark plug wire size supplied in E-Mag kits are 8 mm.  Slick magneto wires are 5 mm diameter.

2 hole Guards for 4 cylinder engines – $5.50 each
3 hole Guards for 6 cylinder engines – $6.00 each

Free Shipping on orders over $20.00

For comparison,   Here’s a link to an alternate supplier.

The wire guards are offered as a way in which fellow amateur aircraft builders who do not have direct access to 3D printers can obtain excellent parts at a reasonable price.

FOR EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ONLY!  These are not FAA TSO’d parts and are not intended for certified aircraft.
Note for Vans RV14 builders:  The Wire Guard dimensions are not the same as  the punched holes in the kit engine baffles.

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Additional information

Wire Size

5 mm, 8 mm


Red, White, Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow

Holes (Cylinders/2)

Two, Three


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