Engine Baffle Ignition Wire Guard


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The two pieces snap together around the ignition wires.  Wire holes are 8mm diameter.  Mounting holes are for 6/32 bolts.

The wire guards are much easier to install than rubber grommets.  The raised circle on the face fits into a 1″ hole in the baffle.

Parts are printed from ABS filament that has a glass transition temperature higher than Nylon.

Shipping is included in the price.

2 pair (4 cylinder engines) $11.00, shipping included.

Disclaimer: This article is being offered below its direct cost of production, packaging and shipping.  Design, handling, printer depreciation and personal time costs are not included in the price.  The article is offered as a way in which fellow amature aircraft builders who do not have direct access to 3D printers can obtain parts at a reasonable price.

For experimental aircraft only.  Here’s a link to an alternate supplier.

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