Engine Ignition Wire Guard


What a great product!   Most builders order two.

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The two pieces snap together around the ignition wires.  Wire holes are 8mm diameter, the automotive spark plug wire size supplied in E-Mag kits.  Mounting holes are for 6/32 bolts.

The wire guards are much easier to install than rubber grommets.  The raised circle on the face fits into a 1″ hole in the baffle.

Parts are printed from ABS filament that has a glass transition temperature higher than Nylon.  N50KB has 175+ hours on its  wire guards and has experienced no thermal distortion or other problems.

2 pair (4 cylinder engines) $16.00, shipping included. There was a price increase in January 2020 necessary due to increased postage and shipping materials costs.

Here’s a link to an alternate supplier.

Disclaimer: The wire guards are being offered below cost of production, packaging and shipping.  Design and personal time costs are not included in the price.  The wire guards are offered as a way in which fellow amateur aircraft builders who do not have direct access to 3D printers can obtain parts at a reasonable price.


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